Monday, March 4, 2013

Friends Birthday Fun

Recently, we were invited to one of my close friends from college (& HS) son, Sawyer, 3rd birthday party & we surprised  my friend, Tiff, the night before for her 30th birthday.  While I did have camera in tow I never was able to get it out because Grey kept us super busy.  However, my buddy Tiff is an avid blogger, so I stole some pictures from her blog!  I know she doesn't mind.  
Happy Birthday to Tiff & Sawyer!!!  

Tiff & I at here 30th bday party

Choo Choo Bday Theme- she is so creative

Entrance to the party- how cute

All the kiddos...hilarious!  G is trying to pick his nose...lordy day!

G & I at the party
Tiff, me & G

The adorable Jackson Family!  Love them!!!

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  1. That's a lot of kids on the couch. I know Greyson had a great time with all the kids.