Sunday, March 17, 2013

Naked Baby

I know I have not been good about blogging lately, but work has been crazy busy!!!  The first quarter is always the busiest at my job so really it is no surprise.  I am headed to Phoenix for a week tomorrow and wanted to get a few pictures up before I left.

Greyson surprised me Saturday during his afternoon nap.  He was up for awhile in his crib, maybe 20 minutes total, usually he is asleep within 5-10 minutes once you lay him down.  I was enjoying his babbling as I was doing some work to get ready for next week.  The monitor had been silent for a good 15 minutes,  all except for the sound machine, so I decided to check on him.  I had to do a triple look because I could not believe my eyes.  During his 20 minute babbling session he has managed to take off his diaper and throw it over the crib rails.  I was cracking up, it was so hilarious.  Here are some of the photos I managed to get of him.

These are it!!!  Today we went to see the Easter Bunny.  Grey did great.  I will post these pictures soon!  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Friends Birthday Fun

Recently, we were invited to one of my close friends from college (& HS) son, Sawyer, 3rd birthday party & we surprised  my friend, Tiff, the night before for her 30th birthday.  While I did have camera in tow I never was able to get it out because Grey kept us super busy.  However, my buddy Tiff is an avid blogger, so I stole some pictures from her blog!  I know she doesn't mind.  
Happy Birthday to Tiff & Sawyer!!!  

Tiff & I at here 30th bday party

Choo Choo Bday Theme- she is so creative

Entrance to the party- how cute

All the kiddos...hilarious!  G is trying to pick his nose...lordy day!

G & I at the party
Tiff, me & G

The adorable Jackson Family!  Love them!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to Brax!

Recently, we went to my cousin Katie (& her husband Jacob) child's first birthday   Braxton looked adorable and absolutely loved his cake.  His mom & dad did a great job with the party & we loved seeing everyone in the family and celebrating Braxton's  first birthday.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rookie Mistake!

Grey & I were in a Toys R Us shopping for some of his friends upcoming birthdays and I snapped some pictures of him in his own car.  He loved it so much we had to leave, b/c HE NEEDED TO BE BACK IN HIS NEW CAR.  Yea, I know rookie mistake!!!  I snapped some quick photos with the phone, not great quality, but I thought I would share.


Chris has finally sold his Tundra!  I should have gotten a picture of him selling it...opps.  However, I did get some pictures of G swinging on the local playground in Decatur while Dada took car of selling his car.

Grey Swimming

Recently we joined the Hoover Rec & we have taken G swimming every weekend.  He LOVES the water, so we knew he would love the indoor pool.  He gets so excited when he sees the pool and we have to hold him tight so he will not run and fall in.  That reminds me of someone...I still remember when I was 2 and I ran into the water without my  arm floaties and my mom jumped in with all her clothes on to get (at least we can laugh about it now).  Here are the photos of G recently.  The photos were taken with my iPhone so they aren't the best quality.  

Price Is Right

Tuesday of this week, we got some adult time and were able to go to The Price is Right at the BJCC Concert Hall.  We had a blast.  We ate at Slice downtown beforehand and I had the best wings and pizza I have had in awhile.  None of us got called to "Come on Down" but we had fun anyway!  We had a great group, it was Chris, Bridge, Jennifer, Justin, Erica & Chad!  We had the best time!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Hero Sunday

Anticipating Grey's love for super hero's I got him his own special cape and shirt a few months back and I am always at a loss because I never have my camera.  Today we had a fun day outside and at the park and G-Man had his cape on!  It is amazing how much he loves to be outdoors, even though we have to watch him very closely because he picks ups everything and tries to eat it!  That kind of reminds me of someone!!!  Here are some great photos from our travails today!  Nana and G-Dad are coming over to watch the Super Bowl tonight so I am sure I will get some pictures of this super baby with them two!

G-Man flying around the park!  He loves walking around!!!

Grey sliding, he finally loves the slide!

Hiking on Daddy's back!

Grey driving his car!  

Grey eating leaves!  Lord help me!  Too funny!

Grey Walking around the front yard, notice his cape hanging out the back!

What a great way to spend a Sunday.  I sure do love my two boys to the moon & back!