Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Hero Sunday

Anticipating Grey's love for super hero's I got him his own special cape and shirt a few months back and I am always at a loss because I never have my camera.  Today we had a fun day outside and at the park and G-Man had his cape on!  It is amazing how much he loves to be outdoors, even though we have to watch him very closely because he picks ups everything and tries to eat it!  That kind of reminds me of someone!!!  Here are some great photos from our travails today!  Nana and G-Dad are coming over to watch the Super Bowl tonight so I am sure I will get some pictures of this super baby with them two!

G-Man flying around the park!  He loves walking around!!!

Grey sliding, he finally loves the slide!

Hiking on Daddy's back!

Grey driving his car!  

Grey eating leaves!  Lord help me!  Too funny!

Grey Walking around the front yard, notice his cape hanging out the back!

What a great way to spend a Sunday.  I sure do love my two boys to the moon & back!


  1. Greyson is our Super Hero. Maybe the leaves are his kryptonite.
    I know he sure reminds me of you. He might move from eating leaves to dirt and rocks, to kitty litter. You will have to watch him every minute if he is like you were. He loves driving his car so much and it looks like y'all had a great time at the park. He is so much fun. I love the pictures of G in his blue really shows off his beautiful blue eyes. Love you Mr Super Hero.

  2. Sharon is teaching me to make comments on your blog.