Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day at the Fountain's!

After much discussion Chris and I decided to start a family tradition of our own and reserve Christmas Day for just us three.  A fun family day, just as God intended, filled with so much love & joy.  We started the day opening Santa's gifts from Grey!  Santa was so good to Grey!  Next Chris & I exchanged gifts, trying to surprise each other!  After that we had a great breakfast, lunch & dinner prepared by Chef Chris!  Y'all know our family, Chris is the cook.  He is a wonderful cook at that.  The rest of the day we were lazy with each other.  It was heavenly!  I thought I would share the photos of Christmas morning!

He loves that alligator!

playing in the dining room

Happy Baby G

LOVES wheels

So I got this Santa outfit for G a few months back in a 2T, thinking he would wear it next Christmas.  However, when I held it up to him Christmas Day I decided to try it on b/c it looked like it might be a little big, but too small for next year.  Sure enough it fit.  It was a little long, but fit perfectly everywhere else.  He is getting big!


This is G walking towards me.  The max steps he has gotten is 15 steps and that was  coaxing him with baby cheese puffs.  That boy loves some food!

Daddy Love!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Slow family days are the best. We have this same tradition Christmas Day and it is actually so nice and cozy just being home with my little family! And G is such a good mix of you and Chris...I swear I think he looks like whoever he is in the picture with. I need to see a pic of all 3 of y'all so I can decide. :)

    1. I know we are trying to get better about taking pictures as a family!

  2. I love that outfit! It's funny how you buy for next year and then it fits them a couple of months later! Sorry, but I think Grey is 100% mini-me of Chris, lol! I feel like I am watching Chis grow up....funny thing is, I knew you as a you'd think I'd see you, lol :)