Monday, January 7, 2013

Hall Family Christmas

The Sunday before Christmas we got together with my parents & my sisters family.  We had a blast hanging at our house.  It has become a tradition to have this get together at our house and we love hosting it.  This year we were all together for half of the day and truly enjoyed each others company.  At one point we were all in the office and Andrew was teaching us about Playstation & about the new game he received from Chris & I.  I can't believe how far video games have come.  It is almost like watching a movie.  I wish I would have gotten a photo of everyone crammed in the office (which happens to be the smallest room in the house).  I will get better!

YES!  I got a book!

this baby literally LOVES to read.  Mostly, he loves to read to you, not the other way around like you would expect !

Loves working on his tool bench & shooting hoops on his bball goal

He loves that crazy ball



She freaked out when she got this bag!

Yes, that is a ballerina skirt.  Her momma's child!

I love this photo of them two!

Momma & her baby boy!  He is getting so tall!

Beautiful family

Yes!  I got socks!

Super stocked about his new game!

Yes, she asked for this from us! 

Pretty shirt!

Some Seven Jeans!!!

Dad's favorite thing to get...BAMA gear!  We also got him a smoker!

Mom opening her gifts!

Love this picture!

We got to play outside while they were here.  Look at that adorable face! 

He loves riding outside!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you started a blog!!!! Tell your dad I said War Eagle!!!