Monday, January 7, 2013

Fountain Birmingham Christmas

In a previous post I had mentioned Chris' family coming to Bham for Christmas.  I now have the pictures to prove it.  This was Greyson's first experience opening gifts.  It was soooo much fun watching him do it.  He actually climbed on top of the gift as he was unwrapping it.  By the end of the Christmas season he was semi-pro at opening gifts, just in time for his birthday around the corner~ 

Wendy watching Grey opening his gift.  I love Wendy's face in this picture, it is so sweet!

The unwrapping starts...
Slowly but surely getting there

I will just ride this gift, no need to unwrap it anymore

Coaching him through it

You can do it!

Hey Dad!

OH!!!  It's a riding toy~

Only group shot we got!

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