Monday, January 7, 2013

McWane Center Fun

Last weekend, our friends Doug & Amanda Howard invited us to go to the McWane Center with them, their daughter Harper, niece Elliot (cutest name for a little girl- I LOVE IT) and their brother Micheal!  Grey was much more active than I had anticipated. He was very interested and involved.  He wanted to try and do everything, only his way of course!  We had a great time with friends!

Sweet Baby G

Harper & Elliot dancing

My hot husband & sweet baby boy

G hanging with the daddy & Mr Doug

He insisted on trying to

Driving the boat

I really think he thought he was driving.  Look at his hand on the gear shift....hilarious!  We were getting a kick out of it!

I am stealing your drum kid!

Drummer Boy!

Little Man!

Huge Blocks!
Group shot~ Elliot, Harper, Doug, Chris, Amanda, Grey & Micheal

touching the sting rays

sting rays... G didnt even care about the sting rays.  He wanted to touch and splash the water.  At one point he was splashing the water and a sting ray came underneath his hand and he hit it without even realizing it.  Lord!


  1. His outfit is adorable. But I also love some monogrammed and smocked clothes too! Like his Christmas outfit. I am all over the board dressing my boys - depends on the day! Ha!!

  2. I know he thinks he is driving that boat. When he backs up in his walker he turns his head around like he is backing up a car. Lol. He is so funny and soooo much fun.