Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter ONE-derland! Grey's 1st Birthday Party!

Grey had his 1st birthday party the Saturday after his birthday.  His theme was Winter One-derland.  We had lots of winter themed treats, including a hot chocolate bar.  Thinking this was a perfect theme for a typically cold time of the year, however, we had a warm front come through and it was 75 degrees that day!!!   We had a blast anyway & cranked up the AC!  It really came together even though this mama was out of it the day before because of a flu shot.  Dada pulled through and helped mama get everything up.  Nana also helped us a ton and made many of the winter themed treats, including cake pops!  Thankfully mostly everything was bought or made the weeks before.  We had an incredible turn out of family & friends!  We are so blessed to have such a loving group of people that surround Chris, Grey & I.   Even though I did not get all the pictures I wanted, we did get a bunch, so please enjoy!

Photos before everyone got there (of course I forgot to get a photo of cocoa bar in kitchen):

Family & Friends:

Mitch, Amanda & Hollis!  Beautiful family!

group in the kitchen, chowing down!

Rob & Nikki!  Love these 2!

Harrison, Denise & William (G's BFF)

The Taylor's & Chris


Justin, Lauren & Koda!  Cute family photo!

Anna, Cindy & Nicole

Carly & Malin...sad I didn't get a photo with Matt in it!

Carly, Malin & Joy, Vaylen!  I lived with these 2 ladies in Auburn!

Donna & G

Fountain Family

I almost forgot to put this hat on him!  Got a few pictures, thanks to Nicole!

William & Denise

Roomies with Malin!

Koda, I love his shirt & Greyson got one just like his!  I LOVE IT!


Koda showing G how it is done!

G's face cracks me up!  He loves that caterpillar too!

Last, but not least, riding Rody Horse!

After everyone left a few stayed behind and we had a few relaxing glasses of wine. I captured a few cute photos.  


  1. It looks like it was an awesome celebration! Everything was so, so cute -- you did a great job! Wish we could have been there. And I love the 3 pics on the wall behind the buffet -- precious! Happy Birthday Grey (still can't believe he's 1)!

    1. We missed you too! Can't wait to see in you in Feb!

  2. Greyson's first birthday party could not have been any better. Mom and Dad did a great job and made him a beautiful Winter ONE-derland (even at 75 degrees). Now that's really pulling something off. I loved everything from the decoration, the food and the friends and family being there to enjoy G's 1st birthday. Greyson had a Great time and that's what it is all about. He loved all the other kids and opening his many gifts. It took him a little while to dig into the cake but it was like Chris said if it had been green beans he would have torn it up. He got some many great gifts....some went to Nana's for him to play with and he loves them. I loved everything about G's party and especially I love my precious grandson Greyson. Happy Birthday Greyson. All my love.

    1. Thanks for everything you did mom for making it a successful party!!!