Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Grey!

Grey officially turned 1 on January 11th!  We have enjoyed our little bear for this past year.  We had no idea how fulfilling Grey would make us feel.  It is as if we are seeing the world for the first time because we are so excited to share and explore the world with Grey for his first time.  Here are some quick facts about Grey:
  • Grey is walking or trying to walk most of the time.  He gets really excited when he does a good job, it is so cute! 
  •  He is a big boy & is in the 90% for height & weight, but he seems to be getting taller and thinning out to me.  But boy do I love those fat thighs, so I am not in any rush to see those go away! 
  •  He continues to love love love music & books.  However, he is over the whole being read to thing & wants to read the book to you!   
  • His favorite food is still green beans.  If he is having green beans for dinner we have to save them for last because he will only want to eat that.  
  • He prefers meat & vegetables to fruit.  He must have gotten that from his daddy, because I have always said, "bring on the sweets".
  • His favorite place is outside.  He loves it!  He loves to ride & be pushed in his car.
  • He HATES his car seat.  He will deal with it as much as possible, but you better not stop moving 70 mph, or he will make you pay for it!
  • He loves his blankets to chew on, really they are receiving blankets.  Thankfully, he is not particular to one, just the texture of the receiving blankets.  He has never taken a paci & he will occasionally chew his finger or thumb like any baby that is teething, but he is not a finger sucker.  So later on we will have "blankie" issues!
  • He sleeps 11-12 hours at night & 3-4 hours during the day.  He loves his sleep & I hope he sleeps that good while he is under this roof!
  • He has several words in his vocabulary: dada, mama, nana, dog, duck, hey, no no, yea, ball, baba, cat 
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Little Einsteins.  
I had this whole big to do pictured in my head for the morning of Grey's birthday for just the three of us to start as a tradition, but unfortunately I was rather sick from an adverse reaction to the flu shot I had gotten the day before & was kind of out of it.  However, we did get to start one tradition of lighting the birthday muffin candle and singing Happy Birthday to him.  They are not the best shots, but I could barely hold my head up!

Here is us singing to him:

Happy Birthday to Greyson!

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