Friday, January 4, 2013

Love Christmas Party

We had the best time on Christmas Eve at the Love Christmas Party.  We get together every year with my mom's 9 brother & sisters (& all there kids/grandkids) & celebrate Christmas.  The biggest difference this year were the 4 new baby faces of Grey's cousins.  I should also add they are all boys!  I can only imagine how wild it will get the older they get.  They had a blast & everyone else had a blast laughing & watching their every move.  All 4 boys decided to "help" Granny open her presents!  Boy was it crazy!  Grey usually very upset by larger crowds did awesome!  I believe he loved the comfort of the other little ones around.  He is always so interested in other kids.  

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  1. I love his outfit! Adorable! Looks/sounds like you guys had an awesome Christmas!!